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HII Corporate Logo Huntington Instruments Inc
303 N Walnut St
PO Box 718
Yellow Springs, OH  45387 USA
(937) 767-7001

President:  Jeffrey L. Huntington, Ph.D.

What we do--

--  Design and build scientific instruments for chemical and biochemical research, such as potentiostats, voltage clamps, and electrometers;

-- Design and build electronic instruments for general-purpose use in science and engineering, such as picoamp current boosters, voltage and current pre-amplifiers, and fluorescence detectors;

--  Consult on design of enzyme electrodes and other electrochemical sensors

We've been in business here in the cozy village of Yellow Springs since 1989.  We are a closely-held family business not connected with any other firms having "Huntington" in the name, nor even with the medical products distributor "Huntington Instruments Inc" of Ogden, Utah.  Most of our sales are OEM and you may well have used our products under another name.  We hope they served you well.

Contact us:

Voice:  (937) 767-7001
Fax:     (937) 767-7699
e-mail:  hii@erinet.com

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